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For today’s local news, you can expect various stories from heartwarming news to announcements and many more. So if you’re curious to know the details, feel free to check out the list of local news below!

Dense Magazine Founders to be hosted by Watchung Booksellers

Watchung Booksellers is said to host Dense Magazine at an in-store event on March 24, 2022, at 7 PM. Patia Morozov and Lune Ames, the co-founders of Dense Magazine encourage people to come but stated that there will be limited seating. During the event, the two will talk about the unique qualities the magazine holds like design and so on.

Gas spikes affect locals’ everyday life

Amber Bryant, a Coby resident, has claimed that the gas spike has affected tons of locals’ everyday lives. She routinely spends $50 every time she fills up her 15-gallon tank. But recently, because of the gas prices spike, she now spends a whopping US$80. ‘It makes you think about summer plans’ she said. Not only has this spike affected the pockets of many locals but also their plans.

The district manager of Big Horn District of Wyoming State Parks, Books Jordan says that according to his department, due to the rise in gas prices, tourism is expected to remain flat in 2022. He based this thought on a previous similar issue that happened back in 2008, where petrol prices increased. ‘It’s safe to say gas prices will have an effect on travel,’ Jordan said March 14 in a public meeting. Then added ‘It may be more local travel, that’s what we saw in 2008.’

But this hasn’t only affected land travellers but also aircraft. According to CNN Travel, Delta officials announced last week that road trip travellers may anticipate costs to increase by up to US$30 to US$40. As well as plane fares, due to the rising fuel prices, people can expect an increase in ticket rates.

Mask on! Some local businesses keep this rule in place

Due to the global pandemic that has occurred back in 2019 up to this day, various health protocols have been required, one is wearing a mask at all times in public. But recently, Covid-19 cases have lowered and more establishments have reopened, some places don’t even require the use of masks. But for some local businesses, this may not be the case.

A number of local businesses are keeping the mask rule in place which they don’t plan on removing anytime soon. ‘Just feels a little early’ says the owner of MR Jutzi Auctions, Calvin Jutzi. He then added, ‘It‘s like swimming in a lake and you’re almost at the end and decide “Oh I’m just going to float to shore.” He continues to say ‘You don’t know if you’re going to make it to shore because the wind might change.’

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