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Gunman kills 3 in Copenhagen shooting

Three people were killed and nine others injured after a gunman opened fire at a large shopping mall in Denmark. Three of the wounded were in critical condition. A 22-year-old male has been arrested and charged with an attack on shoppers at Field’s mall in South Copenhagen.

The police head, Soeren Thomassen, claimed ignorance regarding the attack’s motivation and could not rule out terrorism. Mette Frederiksen, the prime minister of Denmark, called the attack ‘cruel’. She comforted the bereaved and urged the Danes to support one another at this difficult time.

‘Danish was subjected to a ‘brutal attack’ on Sunday night. ‘Many lives were lost. More damage was done. innocent diners and shoppers. People of all ages, from kids to adults’,

‘The capital of a country that is typically so safe was transformed in an instant’, she continued. The Danish royal family extended their condolences to ‘the victims, their relatives, and all those who are affected by this catastrophe’, she added. 

‘We do not yet know the full depth of the catastrophe, but it is already apparent that more people have lost their lives and that countless more have been injured,’ the statement from Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik, and Crown Princess Mary read.

The suspect in the mall shooting was found with a firearm and ammunition, according to the police. On Monday, a court will interview the suspect, who has been characterised by police as an ‘ethnic Dane’. No other assailants have been linked to this incident, police said, so store owners should keep whatever CCTV footage they may have.

More than 140 stores and eateries may be found in Field’s. Nearby a subway station that provides access to the heart of Copenhagen is a multi-story mall. According to witnesses, shoppers scattered when they heard gunshots.

Isabelle, one of them, told Danish media, ‘Suddenly we hear bullets. I count around ten gunshots, and then everyone runs through the mall and huddles in a restroom, where there are about eleven of us. We are waiting in the scorching heat, and we are terrified. This has been the worst experience of my life’.

Philippines shut down news site, Rappler

Maria Ressa, a journalist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, stated on Tuesday that the government of the Philippines had ordered Rappler, to close.

While attending the East-West Center’s International Media Conference in Honolulu, Rappler’s CEO and founder, Maria Ressa, made a public speech announcing that the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (PSEC) had upheld its earlier order to withdraw the news site’s operating licence.

The team, led by Ressa, a former CNN bureau chief and TIME Person of the Year, plans to appeal the verdict, he said, ‘particularly because the proceedings were exceedingly unusual’.

‘We may pursue legal action in any court in the country, including the Supreme Court. For us, it’s business as usual because absent a court order, we don’t see this as instantly binding’, Ressa made the statement in an internal Rappler memo.

Ressa has been involved in numerous court fights over the past few years, and she claims that this is retaliation for the critical reporting that her news site has published on the administration of outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte.

Rappler had its registration with the Philippine SEC cancelled in January 2018 for alleged violations of foreign ownership regulations. Despite the suspension, news coverage did not cease.

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