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For today’s sports news we have a list of happenings you simply can’t miss out on since this covers controversial updates about an injured basketball player and The World Athletics stand on transgenders joining women’s sports! So if you’re curious to know the details then check out the list down below!

Sebastian Coe warns integrity risk in Women’s sports by transgender athletes

The World Athletics President, Sebastian Coe is concerned about the risk of integrity in Women’s sports after an American swimmer Lia Thomas won the NCAA swimming championship last week as the first transgender woman.

Coe then called the International Olympic Committee to push a regulation that should be implemented in every sport then said ‘gender cannot trump biology.’ He soon added ‘I think that the integrity of women’s sports —if we don’t get this right— and actually the future of women’s sports, is very fragile.’

Lia Thomas, before including her in the women’s sports, was part of the men’s swimming team for three good long seasons before starting her journey with hormone replacement therapy back in 2019. After, Thomas made history when she competed in a 500-yard freestyle competition in Atlanta and won. 

Zion Williamson won’t be playing this season due to a foot injury

New Orleans Pelicans’ Zion Williamson has made it clear he won’t be joining this season due to his foot injury. This message was relayed by Shams Charania which saddened Williamson’s fans although this was something they already saw coming. 

During offseasons, Williamson fractured his foot which later on needed surgery. This was kept secret until September 2021 when the Pelicans thought Williamson would be healed and ready to play. But sadly he wasn’t. 

The rehabilitation centre he was in has stated he’d be able to participate in all basketball activities by the end of November. In January, Williamson then experienced soreness from his foot that was found to be an infection so his team decided to let him rest and take a break from all basketball activities.

Williamson hasn’t been rehabilitating with the Pelicans in New Orleans but was admitted at a rehab centre in Portland, Oregon. This decision has been made because doctors saw it possible for him to undergo a second surgery for his injured foot. 

But recent updates on Williamson claim that the Pelican star has been recovering fast and might not need a second surgery since they saw good progress from his injured foot. The rehab centre even claims that Williamson is now fully cleared and can participate in basketball activities.

And according to Charania Williamson, he has been ‘doing stationary shooting’. Williamson now has weights on his foot as he practices and is said to have returned to the team after weeks of attending home games. ‘To be in a positive spirit around teammates and coaches’ sources says.

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